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Taking too much power from the national grid is wasted energy that can be used properly or shared out elsewhere. Companies can be penalised for taking reactive power from the network, and this is where the electrical engineers at JPC Electrical Services Ltd. By working on your electrical efficiency, we can help you to avoid penalisation by stopping reactive power charges.

This is also an excellent way to reduce your bills, help with a reduction of the maximum demand, and even stop overloads.

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What is Power Factor Correction ?

Power Factor is the relationship between True power (known as kW or kilowatts) and Reactive power (known as kVAR or kilovolt-amperes-reactive).

Kilowatts is the power you use to perform your work, whereas kilovolt-amperes-reactive is used to create magnetic fields in equipment like electric motors, these magnetic fields are needed for the motor to work properly.

A good Power Factor is when you have a high kW to a low kVAR ratio. This typically gives you a value of Power Factor of 0.96 Lagging to unity (1.00).

If your Power Factor drops to below 0.95 Lagging, then your electricity supplier can penalise you in the form of a reactive power charge, this is because you are taking excessive power in the form of kVAR, which could be used as kW next door, so in effect you are wasting this power.

Power Factor Correction equipment is installed, so you can create your own kVAR on site, so you do not need to take it from your electricity supplier and eliminating these reactive power charges.

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What are the benefits of Power Factor Correction ?

Reduce your energy bills – by removing reactive power charges, it can also enable you to reduce your authorised capacity or prevent you from exceeding this.

Increase the site capacity – the site load would drop, freeing up spare capacity in the supply, which could make the difference of installing new machinery without the added cost of new transformers to supply it.

Help your network operate longer – a good power factor would mean lower currents flowing through your transformers & cables, this would mean less heat in this infrastructure which would help them to operate longer.

Good for the environment – if you use less energy, then less would have to be generated, which would mean less Carbon Dioxide being produced.

Preventing blown fuses / tripping of MCCB’s – a good power factor reduces the peak current in the system as compared to a bad power factor, this would reduce the site peak currents when you are operating at your full capacity.

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